Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve

To enter the Montgomery Woods State Reserve is to be immediately feel transported back in time before smartphones, the internet, automobiles, or the printing press.  Indeed, the older trees here were saplings during the time of King Arthur, and the oldest trees date to perhaps the time of Jesus.  The silence envelops, the breeze stills, even the water seems to stroll more than run.  As one strolls through the grove, it begins to seem that perhaps, rather than going back in time, time has ceased.  The grove has always been here.

But we are fortunate that Montgomery Woods still exists.  Less than 5% of old-growth redwoods remain standing.  Were it not for the initial 9 acre donation by Robert Orr in 1945, these trees would likely no longer be standing.  The park now comprises 1323 acres of forest, including 2 of the 20 tallest known trees (over 360 feet tall), some of the most spectacular redwoods in the country.




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