Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Trees, the cactus version of Truffula Trees, are largely confined to a very specific region in the U.S. with exactly the right climate: Joshua Tree National Park.  As climate change threatens Joshua trees, Joshua Tree National Park is among the most sensitive parks in the country to climate change.  I decided to go visit these trees before we completely erase them from the landscape.

In addition to Joshua Trees, the park hosts rare California Palm Oasis and many other plant and animal species.SAM_3071

Joshua trees get stranger the longer one stares at them.


Fan Palms are the heaviest type of North American Palm, fun fact.


Smog from the greater L.A. area could be seen rolling into the Coachella Valley from the gap between Mt. San Jacinto (the tall one, back center) and San Gorgonio Mountain (back right).
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